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5 Reasons Chamomile Tea Is Effective At Relieving Menstrual Cramps  –

Chamomile tea is considered a mighty digestive aid.

Chamomile tea possesses antispasmodic properties that can effectively alleviate the painful cramps associated with menstruation

Sudden cravings for our favorite treats like ice cream, pasta, pizza, or chocolate are common during periods. In fact, we as women look for anything and everything that can offer relief from period cramps. Causing discomfort and uneasiness, cramps are a normal part of the menstrual cycle and can range from mild to severe in intensity. While a majority of women resort to pain relievers and hot water bags, herbal remedies like chamomile tea, known for their muscle-relaxing properties, can effectively soothe the muscles and reduce pain.

According to NCBI, chamomile tea possesses antispasmodic properties that can effectively alleviate the painful cramps associated with menstruation. A natural remedy, chamomile tea with its anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxant, pain-relieving, and stress-reducing qualities, becomes a valuable option for women seeking relief from menstrual cramps. Making the menstrual period more manageable, chamomile tea has become a prominent choice of modern-day women looking to make those challenging days of the month a bit more bearable.

Shalini Sinha, Founder, The Infused Kettle explains how chamomile tea is a natural solution to period cramps

  1. Muscle-relaxing and pain-relief properties
    Period cramps, a regular part of the menstrual cycle, are brought on by the uterus’s contractions as it sheds its lining. These cramps might cause minor annoyance or severe pain, seriously affecting everyday activities. Chamomile tea with muscle-relaxing properties, helps alleviate cramps and encourages calmness while lowering their intensity. In addition, a natural analgesic, chamomile tea works wonders in offering gentle and natural relief from the pain associated with cramps. Thus, next time instead of resorting to any medical solutions, it is ideal to go with chamomile tea to naturally soothe the cramps and the pain.
  2. Anti-inflammatory in nature
    Period discomfort is already unpleasant, and inflammation simply makes the matter worse. Here chamomile tea comes into the picture, battling inflammation effectively while offering the needed respite. Chamazulene and alpha-bisabolol, two of the robust anti-inflammatory substances, are the key elements of chamomile tea. By lowering inflammation in the uterine muscles, which can eventually result in fatal cramps, chamomile tea acts as the heavenly comfort in a cup that effectively eases the misery caused by inflammation and further painful cramps.
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety
    Stress and anxiety are the enemies of menstrual cramps, as they can worsen them and cause more pain and strain in the muscles. Known for its relaxing and stress-relieving capabilities, chamomile tea contains such compounds that bind to receptors in the brain, encouraging relaxation and lowering anxiety. Amongst other valuable compounds, apigenin has been found to bind to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain and produce a mild sedative effect. As per NCBI, chamomile has a relaxing impact that is unquestionably helpful for anxiety caused by PMS.

Sinha shares other benefits of consuming chamomile tea

In addition to relieving period cramps, chamomile tea offers a plethora of benefits. A natural sleep aid with sedative and calming properties, chamomile tea promotes relaxation and prepares the body for sound sleep.

In addition to enhancing sleep quality, chamomile tea works miracles in improving heart health. Rich in flavones, a class of antioxidants, chamomile tea aids in maintaining adequate blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels, minimizing the risk of heart disease. Moreover, the tea supports type 2 diabetics in managing their blood sugar levels. According to an NCBI study, chamomile may enhance glycemic and lipid profiles as well as oxidative stress levels in individuals with diabetes mellitus, lowering the risk of diabetes-related complications.

Reducing diabetes-associated complications, the robust healing properties of chamomile tea cannot be denied. Furthermore, these characteristics help treat gut muscular spasms and shield against bacterial problems. Upon consumption of this heavenly beverage, the urine levels of glycerin, a substance associated with inducing muscle spasms, rise. As the levels increase, the muscles relax, making chamomile tea an ideal treatment for cramps and stomach aches.

Apart from that, chamomile in itself is considered to be an extremely beneficial herb, with applications beyond tea. Pure chamomile buds known for its anti-inflammatory properties, serve as a cold remedy, aids digestion, and reduces anxiety while enhancing sleep quality, making them no less than incredible.

The ideal comfort in a cup for those difficult days

Periods can surely be a challenging time for women because of the unpleasant symptoms they can experience, which include pain, inflammation, and cramps amongst others. To make those difficult days a bit easier, any sort of relief is gladly welcomed. Coming in as a sigh of relief and providing the needed comfort during those days, chamomile tea is that natural remedy that effectively alleviates menstrual cramps and associated distress. With anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxing, pain relieving, and stress-reducing properties, chamomile tea allows menstruating women to go about their everyday lives without letting any type of uneasiness get in the way.

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