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2023 JK Tyre National Racing Championship, RE Continental GT Cup Round 2 results

Arjun S Nair extends his lead in the JK Tyre Novice Cup after adding two more wins to his tally.

Dark Don Racing’s Arya Singh scored three LGB Formula 4 race wins as the 2023 JK Tyre National Racing Championship (JK NRC) resumed with Round 2 at the Kari Motor Speedway. The Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup, meanwhile, saw two different winners as Md. Samuel Zubair and Jagadeesh Nagaraj won a race each.

LGB Formula 4

The LGB Formula 4 category features made-in-India single-seaters, powered by a 1,298cc Suzuki engine. Singh kicked off Round 2 on a strong note, scoring two back-to-back wins on the opening day. He fended off his Dark Don Racing teammates to win Race 3 as well, but couldn’t repeat that feat in the final race, which followed the reverse grid format.

Starting from ninth on the grid, TS Diljith carved through the field to win the race ahead of Tijil Rao and Singh. This means Dark Don Racing took a clean sweep in the category.


Race 1

1. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) 21mins 21.356secs

2. Diljith TS (Dark Don Racing) – 21mins 22.914secs

3. Ruhaan Alva (MSport) – 21mins 26.671secs

Race 2

1. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) – 22mins 09.690secs

2. Diljith TS (Dark Don Racing) – 22mins 10.104secs

3. Ruhaan Alva (MSport) – 22mins 11.147secs

Race 3

1. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) – 19mins 25.449secs

2. Tijil Rao (Dark Don Racing) – 19mins 29.336secs

3. T.S. Diljith (Dark Don Racing) – 19mins 29.549secs

Race 4

1. T.S. Diljith (Dark Don Racing) – 27mins 43.905secs

2. Tijil Rao (Dark Don Racing) – 27mins 48.538secs

3. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) – 27mins 49.901secs

JK Tyre Novice Cup

Carrying on the strong pace they showed in Round 1, both Arjun S Nair and Neythan McPherson won races in the Novice Cup category. Championship leader Nair claimed comfortable wins in the first two races, but met his match in McPherson in the final race, which went down to the wire.


Race 1

1. Arjun S Nair (Momentum Motorsports) – 15mins 04.770secs

2. Joel Joseph (DTS Racing) – 15mins 06.532secs

3. Jamie Jamshed Shaw (Momentum Motorsports) – 15mins 09.944secs

Race 2

1. Arjun S Nair (Momentum Motorsports) – 14mins 04.119secs

2. Neythan McPherson (Momentum Motorsports) – 14mins 04.903secs

3. Jigar Muni (Momentum Motorsports) – 14mins 05.709secs

Race 3

1.Neytham McPherson (Momentum Motorsports) – 13mins 57.174secs

2. Arjun S Nair (Momentum Motorsports) – 13mins 57.347secs

3. Jigar Muni (Momentum Motorsports) – 13mins 58.230secs

Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup

The Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup features a grid of both amateur and professional racers competing astride race-prepped Continental GT-R650s. In Race 1, Md Samuel Zubair outperformed several professional riders to score his first win in the championship.

Jagadeesh Nagaraj fended off pressure from Ullas Nanda and Abhishek Vasudev to win Race 2.


Race 1

1. Md. Samuel Zubair – 13mins 45.394secs

2. Jagadeesh Nagaraj – 13mins 45.755secs

3. Abhishek Vasudev – 13mins 45.860secs

Race 2

1. Jagadeesh Nagaraj – 13mins 38.407secs

2. Ullas S. Nanda – 13mins 39.060secs

3. Abhishek Vasudev – 13mins 39.112secs

JK Tyre 250 Cup

Round 2 also hosted the JK Tyre 250 Cup race, with competitors racing on Suzuki Gixxer 250cc bikes. Sarvesh Balappa remains undefeated so far this season after claiming his second win in as many outings. Aldrin Babu and Ashish Patel completed the podium.


1. Sarvesh Balappa – 15mins 00.976secs

2. Aldrin Babu – 15mins 08.360secs

3. Ashish Patel – 15mins 08.617secs

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