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11th instalment of funding has fallen by 67%, says reports: PM Kisan Samman Nidhi

Various recipients of the plan descended from 11.8 crores to 3.87 crores from the primary installment in Feb 2019 till MAy-June 2022.

The quantity of farmers who got the eleventh installment of financing from the PM’s Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) has diminished by 67%, as indicated by the Agricultural Ministry’s reaction to a RTI demand from extremist Kanhaiya Kumar.

The vitally central program PM-KISAN was presented in 2019 and offers qualified cultivating families 6,000 rupees (Rs. 6,000) every year in three installments of Rs. 2,000 each.

Just 3.87 crore farmers got the eleventh installment of 2,000 in their records in May-June 2022, as per the Agricultural Ministry’s installment wise payment achievement report. When contrasted with the 11.84 crore farmers who got the principal installment in February 2019, not long before the Lok Sabha races, this addresses a critical lessening. In October 2022, the latest twelfth installment was paid out.

The example of a drop started with the 6th installment, which was gotten by 9.87 crore ranchers, down from 11.84 crore farmers in the main installment. There were 9.30, 8.59, 7.66, and 6.34 crore individuals who got the seventh, eighth, 10th, and tenth installments, separately.

The information uncovered that in Andhra Pradesh, the quantity of recipients descended from 55.68 lakh to 28.2 lakh. In Bihar, the quantity of recipients arrived at seven lakh from 83 lakh, while in Chhattisgarh, only two lakh farmers got the 11th installment, rather than 37 lakh individuals who got the sum in the principal installment.

In Gujarat, a state where decisions are drawing nearer, 63.13 lakh ranchers got financing in 2019, yet just 28.41 lakh did as such in 2022. 19.73 lakh farmers in Haryana got the principal installment, and 11.59 lakh farmers got the 11th. The number diminished in Maharashtra from 1.09 crore in 2019 to 37.51 lakh in 2022.

While 88.63 lakh farmers in Madhya Pradesh got help with 2019, only 12,053 of them did as such in 2022. 627 farmers in Meghalaya got it in 2022 contrasted with 1.95 lakh farmers in 2019. The figure in Punjab dropped from 23.34 lakh to 11.31 lakh.

In Uttar Pradesh, 2.6 crore farmers profited of the guide in 2019, and it diminished by half to 1.26 crore in 2022. In West Bengal, as per the information, 45.63 lakh farmers got the sum in 2019 and no farmers got the cash since the 6th installment.

This issue has been raised by the state organization with Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.

Ashok Dhawle, All India Kisan Sabha president named the information as ‘very surprising.’ “66% of the farmers have not gotten the installment as per this information in 2022. There is not a great explanation for why such a diminishing in the quantity of recipients. It shows that the Centre is attempting to end up this plan gradually.

This plan isn’t by any stretch a substitute for the lawfully ensured MSP. This plan was another jumla to avoid the genuine problems the ranchers are confronting,” Dr Dhawale said.

The Minister asserted that under the PM-KISAN plot, no cash was moved to any fake recipients. It added that advantages were just paid out in the wake of getting 100 percent precise farmer information from the States, which was checked through Aadhaar or the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) database.


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