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World Samosa Day 2022: From Onion Samosa To Paneer Samosa, The Must-Try Recipes

The love for samosas cannot be explained in words. Instead, the happiness can only be felt as you keep digging into the flaky, crispy delight filled with a delicious combination of ingredients. Apart from India, this pyramid-shaped crunchy food item is famous in the rest of South Asia, Egypt, South Africa, and the Middle East. To acknowledge the crisy and delicious snack, World Samosa Day is celebrated on September 5, every year. And, the best way to spend this day would be by savouring samosas. So, we have mentioned five recipes that will tingle your tastebuds.

1)Punjabi samosa

If you are someone who loves digging in samosas, this is a must-try recipe. This traditional Punjabi samosa carries a filling made of potatoes and peas mixed with a range of spices. You can also add some cashew nuts or raisins to make it rich in taste further. Trust us, when we say that these piping hot samosas taste like heaven with khajur imli ki chutney or green chutney.

2) Paneer samosa

If you are bored with the regular aloo samosa, here’s a nice recipe with a twist. This samosa is stuffed with an indulgent paneer mixture with onions and some spices of course. So, if you are a fan of paneer, this can be your go-to option for snacks on any given day.

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3) Chilli cheese samosa

If you are a sucker for cheese, this recipe is to die for. Imagine cheese oozing out of a drool-worthy samosa as you continue to take a bite from it. Are you slurping already? If yes, then without much ado, try this chilli cheese samosa. An appetising mix of cheese, boiled potatoes and green chillies make this a great snack.

4) Chowmein samosa

Yes, this can be a wonderful fusion dish if you don’t mind trying out unique recipes. Give your regular potato samosa, a makeover with this mouth-watering recipe. For this, just use some noodles or chowmein for the filling instead of your regular aloo preparation. Enjoy this with your evening cuppa and you won’t regret it. Some people also use freshly made instant noodles as stuffing and you can try that too.

5) Onion samosa

Whether it’s a special occasion or a typical monsoon evening, samosa makes for a perfect delicacy to enjoy with your tea or coffee. This delectable onion samosa, also known as Irani samosa, is popular in Hyderabad. It is prepared from homemade samosa patty sheets filled with an onion-based mixture.

Try out these recipes at home and enjoy World Samosa Day!

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