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World Heritage list: Charaideo Maidams meet UNESCO requirements, says Assam CM

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said that Charaideo Moidams (pyramids) has met all technical requirements of the UNESCO Secretariat.

Moidam is India’s nomination for UNESCO’s world heritage site status in the cultural category for 2023.

Sarma tweeted, “With great pride, happy to share a landmark achievement in our endeavour to get World Heritage Site status for Charaideo Maidams. The maidams have met all technical requirements of the UNESCO Secretariat. My gratitude once again to Hon PM Shri @narendramodi ji for the nomination”.

He shared the latter which stated, “Dear Ambassador, refer to the nomination of Moidams the Mound-Burial System of the Ahom Dynasty for inscription on the World Heritage List, received by the World Heritage Centre on 27 January 2023. As you know, in compliance with paragraph 140 of the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention. the Secretariat checks the completeness of the nomination dossiers received and forwards to the relevant Advisory Body(ies) only those nominations that were complete at the deadline of 1 February”.

He added, “The nomination of Moidams the Mound-Burial System of the Ahom Dynasty met all of the technical requirements outlined in the operational Guidelines concerning completeness check of nominations to the World Heritage List. It is important to recall that the technical completeness of a nomination does not imply that the site concerned is of Outstanding Universal Value and would necessarily be inscribed on the World Heritage List. A copy of the nomination file has been sent to ICOMOS for evaluation. They will be contacting you separately to arrange for an evaluation mission to the nominated property.

In the meantime, you may consider making a voluntary contribution to the sub-account of the world Heritage Fund tor funding the evaluation of nominations, in accordance with paragraph 168 bis of the Operational Guidelines. contributions are not expected from Least Developed countries or Low-Income Economies (as defined by the United Nations Economic and Social Council’s Committee for Development Policy), Lower Middle income countries as defined by the world Bank, small island Developing states and States Parties in conflict or post-conflict situations. The average cost of an evaluation is estimated at US$ 22,000 for a regular nomination and US $ 44,000 for mixed sites and complex serial/transnational sites. It is important to note that voluntary contributions to this sub-account are made for evaluation of nominations in the global sense, not for an evaluation of a specific site Voluntary continuations shall not impact the objective evaluation of nominations by the Advisory Bodies, nor the order of priority as defined in the Operational Guidelines”.

Out of 52 sites Assam’s site is selected by the government of India. Moidams (or Maidams) represent the late medieval (13th—19th century CE) mound burial tradition of the Tai Ahoms in Assam, which lasted almost 600 years.

He added, “Out of 386 Moidams explored so far, 90 royal burials at Charaideo are the best preserved, representative, and most complete examples of this tradition. The Charaideo Moidams enshrine the mortal remains of Ahom royalty—previously, those of the deceased with their paraphernalia were buried, but after the 18th century, the Ahom rulers adopted the Hindu method of cremation, later entombing the cremated bones and ashes in a Moidam at Charaideo. The Moidams are highly venerated. When the nation celebrated the 400th birth anniversary of Lachit Borphukan, you had kindly spared some moments and viewed the exhibition set up in the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, which included a model of Moidam that showcased unique burial architecture and tradition of the Tai Ahoms.”

Presently there are 40 UNESCO’s heritage sites in India out of 32 are in the cultural segment, seven natural and one mixed. In Assam there are two in natural segments, Kaziranga National park and Manas National park.

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