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Wintertime Mistakes Men With Oily Skin Commit and What to Do Otherwise

Every season has its own set of issues, but for some skin types, the winter is particularly challenging. If you have oily skin, you may have observed that the colder months are worse for breakouts, blackheads, and shiny patches than the rest of the year. This is a result of your failure to care for your skin appropriately for the season.

Since it’s cold outside, your skin often behaves differently. More oil is produced, which clogs pores and encourages acne and blackheads. Making simple skincare blunders can frequently make it more difficult to handle these issues. The key to avoiding repeating these mistakes is understanding your skin’s needs during a given season.

Here are four wintertime mistakes men with oily skin make and what they should avoid:

1. Forgoing Moisturizer: Some people think that using moisturisers won’t help their oily, sticky skin, which already feels oily and oily throughout the day. This is untrue, though. To keep your skin hydrated and non-greasy, you can choose a mild, non-comedogenic moisturiser.

2. Using Hot Water: Hot water showers are necessary throughout the winter, but you may not be aware of all the ways it can harm your skin and hair. Your skin loses moisture when you use hot water, which causes it to compensate by producing more oil. When washing your face, always use warm water.

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3. Not Exfoliating: In the summer, you should include exfoliation in your weekly skincare routine to remove perspiration and dirt from your skin. However, most men believe it is not necessary during the winter. Winter’s harsh weather makes skin more greasy, necessitating exfoliation to remove dullness, blackheads, and grime. Don’t skip it, then.

4. Not Using the Right Products: To care for your oily skin in winter, you need to renew your skincare products because your skin’s needs alter as the seasons change. You need acne-fighting products if you suffer acne in the winter. Likewise, an excellent scrape for blackheads, an oil-controlling moisturiser, etc.

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