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When Shivaji Ganesan, Touched by Kids’ Act at Mexico Zoo, Decided to Gift Them Elephant

Shivaji Ganesan was in the United States of America as the cultural ambassador of India in 1962 when he was also made the mayor of Niagara city for one day. This event is often recalled when we talk about the actor.

Apart from this position, the late actor’s kind act for a kid is also remembered even today.

During that trip, Shivaji also went to a zoo in Mexico. The actor saw that in the zoo, children were collecting money to buy birds. Being the wonderful human that he was, Shivaji decided that he would give them an even more wonderful gift.

When the actor returned to Chennai, he decided to fulfil the kids’ wish. The actor gifted an elephant Kamala to the zoo. The elephant, initially, had problems adjusting to the cold climate of the United States, and she was covered with wool to protect her from the cold.

This was not the only time Shivaji gifted an elephant. The late actor gifted a female elephant named Vellaiyammal to Thanjavur Big Temple or Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple. The elephant blessed devotees for many years before passing away at the age of 63.

The elephant was named Vellaiyammal after a character played by actor Padmini in the film Veerapandiya Kattabomman.

Apart from these kind deeds, what made Shivaji popular was his charismatic acting. He was the most dedicated actor of his time. It was said that he got himself completely immersed in the character he played.

His acting was appreciated by many in films like Gnana Oli, Gauravam, Muthal Mariyathai, Thevar Magan, Delva Magan and others. Shivaji was immensely passionate about acting and kept on working till his death on July 21, 2001. His last film was Pooparika Varugirom. Shivaji enacted the role of an author in this film.

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