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Veena Jagtap’s ROFL Story About Getting Drenched in Dal Lake at -3 Degrees

Marathi actress Veena Jagtap recently appeared on the Marathi comedy show He Tar Kahich Nay and cracked the audience up with her ROFL story about her vacation gone wrong in Kashmir. On the show, Veena shared that she visited Kashmir with her mom and maausi (aunt) a few days ago. The moment they reached Kashmir, it started raining. So, the actress and her family thought it is best to have some leisure time first in a houseboat and then go to their hotel. She added that to reach the houseboat, they had to take a shikara boat. Veena further shared that as she was checking the shikara they had picked when she noticed the seating arrangement was damp. She called the driver of the boat and pointed out the damp place to him. He was quite old.

Veena said, ‘I called the carrier and said, ‘Grandpa, it’s wet.’ He said, ‘No ma’am, it’s just cold.’ He told me that everything is so cold here due to the weather that it feels wet but it isn’t actually.’

The actress added that she kept on telling him to put a dry cloth on the seats but he said, ‘It’s not wet, it’s just cold.’ Veena said that she was adamant so the driver asked her to step into the boat first and check by herself before starting the ride. She said, ‘I was continuously telling him that I hate wet things.’

What happened next left Veena and her family quite shocked but also in splits. She shared on the show that as she approached the boat and was about to set a foot in it, it moved away and she fell in the Dal lake. She was completely drenched when she came upstairs. She said on He Tar Kahich Nay, ‘It was minus 3 degrees.’

After seeing Veena drenched, the boat driver hilariously said, ‘Ma’am, now it is wet.’

The official page of Zee Marathi shared the promo clip of He Tar Kahich Nay featuring Veena Jagtap on Thursday.

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