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Updated Tata Harrier, Safari launched: price, features, variants, trim, powertrain

While the starting price of both SUVs remain unchanged, higher variants see a sizeable hike due to the new features.

Tata Motors recently launched the new Red Dark Editions on the Nexon, Harrier and Safari SUVs. While the Nexon only receives cosmetic updates on the Red Dark edition, the Harrier and Safari Red Dark Editions get a bunch of new features such as ADAS and an improved 10.25-inch touchscreen. These new features have now been made available on the regular trims of the Harrier and Safari, but that has been accompanied by a price hike. Bookings for the updated Harrier and Safari are already underway.

  1. Regular Harrier and Safari now get ADAS, larger touchscreen
  2. Prices for the Harrier have gone by Rs 5,000-7,000
  3. Prices for the Safari have increased by Rs 14,000-66,000

Tata Harrier, Safari: new ADAS tech, 10.25-inch touchscreen

Replacing the old 8.8-inch touchscreen is a new Harman-sourced 10.25-inch touchscreen that has been made available from the mid-spec XMS/XMAS trims on both the Harrier and Safari. Meanwhile, the lower XM trim continues with a smaller 7.0-inch touchscreen, as before.

This new screen features much better graphics, an updated interface and packs in new functionality as well. It now shows climate control information, vehicle statistics and also serves as a display for the new 360-degree camera that comes in from the XZ+/XZA+ trims on both SUVs. Perhaps the most important updates that the new screen brings along is wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which now fit the entire screen – previously they were wired and only occupied a limited portion of the screen. The new system also adds voice commands in six different languages. There’s also a new four-way power-adjustable co-driver seat and ambient lighting around the sunroof on the Safari, with both SUVs gaining memory function for their powered driver’s seat.

Elsewhere, Tata has added a new 7.0-inch digital instrument cluster on both the Harrier and Safari SUVs that come in from the XZ/XZA trims. The new ADAS suite, however, is limited to only a newly introduced top-spec XZA+(O) trim. It packs in features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), forward collision alert, lane departure warning, lane change assist and traffic sign recognition.

Tata Harrier, Safari: variants rejigged

Tata Motors has also taken this opportunity to reshuffle the variant line-up of both the Safari and Harrier SUVs. The following variants have been discontinued from the Harrier line-up: XT MT, XMA AT, all XZS/XZAS trims (dual-tone and Dark included). Tata has also discontinued the special Jet and Kaziranga editions of the Harrier. There’s, however, a new XZA+(O) trim that has been added – one with the ADAS – that is also available in dual-tone, Dark and Red Dark Editions. Prices for the Harrier have gone up in the range of Rs 5,000-7,000.

2023 Tata Safari price (ex-showroom)
Trim Manual price Automatic price
XE Rs 15.00 lakh
XM Rs 16.45 lakh
XMS Rs 17.70 lakh Rs 19.00 lakh
XT+ Rs 18.69 lakh Rs 19.99 lakh
XT+ Dark Rs 19.04 lakh Rs 20.34 lakh
XZ Rs 19.24 lakh Rs 20.54 lakh
XZ Dual tone Rs 19.44 lakh Rs 20.74 lakh
XZ+ Rs 21.32 lakh Rs 22.62 lakh
XZ+ Dual tone Rs 21.52 lakh Rs 22.82 lakh
XZ+ Dark Rs 21.67 lakh Rs 22.97 lakh
XZ+ Red Dark Rs 21.77 lakh Rs 23.07 lakh
XZA+(O) Rs 23.62 lakh
XZA+(O) Dual tone Rs 23.82 lakh
XZA+(O) Dark Rs 23.97 lakh
XZA+(O) Red Dark Rs 24.07 lakh

Similarly, for the Safari, Tata has discontinued the following variants: XT MT, XMA AT, all Jet, Kaziranga and Gold Edition models. The special Adventure variant, however, has been retained on the Safari. Like the Harrier, the Safari also gains a new top-spec XZA+(O) trim with ADAS features that’s also available in Adventure, Dark and Red Dark editions. Prices for the Safari have increased by Rs 14,000-66,000.

2023 Tata Safari price (ex-showroom)
Trim Manual price Automatic price
XE Rs 15.65 lakh
XM Rs 17.15 lakh
XMS Rs 18.46 lakh Rs 19.76 lakh
XT+ Rs 19.63 lakh Rs 20.93 lakh
XT+ Dark Rs 19.98 lakh Rs 21.28 lakh
XZ Rs 20.48 lakh Rs 21.78 lakh
XZ+ Rs 22.16 lakh Rs 23.46 lakh
XZ+ 6str Rs 22.26 lakh Rs 23.56 lakh
XZ+ ADV Rs 22.41 lakh Rs 23.71 lakh
XZ+ ADV 6str Rs 22.51 lakh Rs 23.81 lakh
XZ+ Dark Rs 22.51 lakh Rs 23.81 lakh
XZ+ 6str Dark Rs 22.61 lakh Rs 23.91 lakh
XZ+ Red Dark Rs 22.61 lakh Rs 23.91 lakh
XZ+ 6str Red Dark Rs 22.71 lakh Rs 24.01 lakh
XZA+(O) Rs 24.46 lakh
XZA+(O) 6str Rs 24.56 lakh
XZA+(O) ADV Rs 24.71 lakh
XZA+(O) ADV 6str Rs 24.81 lakh
XZA+(O) Dark Rs 24.81 lakh
XZA+(O) Red Dark Rs 24.91 lakh
XZA+(O) Dark 6str Rs 24.91 lakh
XZA+(O) Red Dark 6str Rs 25.01 lakh

Both SUVs remain mechanically unchanged, which means the Harrier and Safari continue with the 170hp, 2.0-litre diesel engine that’s mated to either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Both powertrains were recently updated to meet RDE and E20 fuel-compliance as well. 

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