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Udaipur killing: Some forces want to humiliate India in world, says Vijayvargiya

Expressing outrage over the killing of a tailor in Udaipur allegedly for supporting former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya on Sunday said some forces want to humiliate India as its global reputation has gone up under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also targeted Congress saying the grand old party is dismissing the Udaipur incident as a normal murder and not a terrorist act which has exposed its “real face”.

“India’s reputation has increased globally under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership but some forces want to humiliate the country and they should not get political patronage,” Vijayvargiya told reporters when asked about the brutal killing of Kanhaiya Lal by some persons.

Nupur Sharma was suspended by the BJP for making controversial comments about Prophet Mohammad.

He said Congress is considering the gruesome incident as a normal murder, which is a terrorist act.

“Making a video of the incident and circulating it means that the killers wanted to spread terror in society. I ask you had this incident happened in Uttar Pradesh (which is ruled by BJP) what would have happened? It is a question of the policy and intention of the government and a political party. After this incident, the real face of Congress has been exposed,” the BJP leader said.

Queried on Congress’ claim that one of the accused in the murder case, Riyaz Akhtari, is linked to the BJP, Vijayvargiya said, “Now it is understood that there was a conspiracy behind this murder. If a person has to commit any (criminal) act in this office (BJP’s Indore office), he will first take online membership of BJP and then visit the party office by posing as a BJP member”.

A day earlier, the BJP had dismissed the Congress’ allegation that Akhtari was a member of the saffron party.

Vijayvargiya also proposed imparting computer training in madrasas along with the Quran to help students of the Islamic seminaries to become doctors and engineers.

“We have no objection to the Quran being taught in madrasas. But computer training should also be imparted so that students get modern education,” he said.

Vijayvargiya said a person studying in a madrasa doesn’t become a doctor or an engineer.

“We want students of madrasas to become doctors or engineers as well, so education other than the Quran should also be imparted to them,” he added.

Vijayvargiya also said the experiment of providing modern education in madrasas has been started in Assam and Uttar Pradesh.

He, however, termed the issue of madrasa education as a “broader subject” and said the government, as well as society, will have to ponder over it.

“The society may allege that there is a need to control the education being imparted in madrasas, but we do not want to control it,” he said….

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