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Tusshar Kapoor Couldn’t Meet Son During Maarrich Shoot, Says ‘I Knew He Was Missing Me’ | Exclusive

Actor Tusshar Kapoor juggled multiple hats during the making of his newly released film Maarrich. The actor not only stars in the film as one of the protagonists but also doubled up as the producer. As though the double duty at work wasn’t enough to keep his hands full, Tusshar was also juggling his role as a single father, ensuring that he gave enough time to his son Laksshya Kapoor.

Speaking with News18.com ahead of the film’s release, Tusshar confessed that it was challenging for him to balance productional duties and acting. “I was a producer for the second time and I also had to be in my character so on set I didn’t focus on the production part of it at all. My production manager was dealing with that but after I finished the day’s shoot, I used to catch up on everything that happened — what went right, what went wrong, how can we correct it, etc. But I didn’t let it become a pressure because as an actor on sets, I had to look convincing so I can’t take the pressure of being a producer and then face the camera. I had to put that aside and deal with it later,” he said.

When asked if amid both duties, did he manage to make time for his son, Tusshar admitted, “When I was shooting, honestly, I couldn’t see my son. But then in the evenings or on the days that there was no shooting schedule (I spent time with him). I had spent so much time with him during the pandemic and by the time we went into the shoot, schools had also reopened, he also didn’t need me as much but yes, when the shooting became more regular, I knew he was missing me so I used to make up for it on days there was no shooting.”

However, he took Laksshya to the sets of the film for a couple of days to spend time with him during lunchtime. “He came on one or two days when there was a long gap and he had not met me. Then I got him on set one afternoon to spend time with me and see the shooting. He came one or two days to have lunch with me and he was running around, having fun,” he recalled.

But these weren’t the only challenges he faced. The Golmaal star revealed that stepping out of his comfort zone with his character Maarrich came with its own share of challenges as well. “Initially, of course, when I was starting the workshop, it took me a while to feel comfortable and warmed to this character because he has his own equation with his wife and he is a little flirtatious also. Even though he is an honest cop, he also has a lot of attitudes, he’s got this badass quality wherein he doesn’t really feel bogged down by the pressure. He’s very overconfident in a way but at the same time, he has a vulnerable side also,” Tusshar explained.

“Bringing all these different shades, which I have never really played before (was challenging). Initially, I was a little nervous as to whether it is coming across correctly and the director was thankfully very strong so he pushed me a lot because we did a lot of workshops and then eventually I realized that it is working out and after shooting for a few days and doing a few challenging scenes well, then you realize that this is also possible. It is all about learning on the job really,” he added.

With Maarrich, Tusshar reunited with Naseeruddin Shah after 11 years. Speaking about working with him again, Tusshar said, “He’s quite cool. It is not like we’ve not met at all in between. We must have bumped into each other on a couple of occasions. When we are in the same fraternity, no matter how much the time gap is, when you come back to work together, you always continue from where you left off. That’s how it was with Naseer Ji. He is very grounded. He’s not like a filmy person who brings a lot of baggage with him. He’s somebody who is very grounded, he’s somebody who is confident of course and he treats everybody like we’re part of a team and he does his work and goes home. It is quite easy to work with him.”

Maarrich releases in cinemas on Friday, December 9.

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