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Tickets For Qatar FIFA World Cup Cheaper Than IPL 2022

Watching the football World Cup live in Qatar this year will prove to be less costly than enjoying a game of Indian Premier League 2022. The price for a group game of FIFA World Cup is way less than the price of a mid-level ticket for an IPL match.

According to a report in The Indian Express, one can grab the cheapest ticket for the World Cup final for Rs 45,828. This is Rs 10,000 more than the most expensive ticket for an IPL match this year.

For instance, the price of the ticket for the Spain vs Germany league game is 250 Qatari Rial or Rs 5,211 while the price of the mid-level ticket for an IPL match will cost spectators almost double that.

The ticket sales for the FIFA World Cup begun last week in India. It was observed that ticket applications from India were the seventh-highest among all countries in the first round of sales.

Reportedly, the reason for this overwhelming response for the football World Cup this year is due to more affordable tickets and India’s proximity to the host country, Qatar.

According to John Parker from BH Hospitality, official FIFA partners, “India provides a goldmine of absolutely first-class football supporters.” He added that India’s love for cricket is well known but now even football is witnessing growing popularity in the country.

He further highlighted how the venue of the game was more convenient for Indians to travel and watch the matches live.

The demand for the tickets was so high that it drove heavy traffic to the FIFA website after the announcement for the ticket draw was made. Fans complained that they had to wait for hours before they could submit a ticket application.

A total of 3 million tickets are available for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Of these, two million tickets are for fans while the rest are for FIFA and its partners.

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