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Take concrete steps to rein in prices: Congress to central government

As wholesale inflation is scaling new heights amid the spiralling prices of food items and oil, the Congress has asked the Modi government to take concrete policy decisions to help people tide over the miseries than resorting to “weapons of mass distractions”.

By posting a graphic comparing India and Sri Lanka‘s unemployment, fuel price and communal violence, Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Distracting people won’t change the facts. India looks a lot like Sri Lanka.”

Pointing out that the surging inflation, coupled with growing unemployment and income fall, has affected all sections of society and even their consumption rate, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinathe said, “Due to the food and fuel prices, wholesale inflation has crossed the 30-year high of 15.08% on Wednesday. Retail inflation is at an eight-year high. And this is going to spiral again. What is spiking the prices is food and fuel and vegetables, which have seen a 23% hike. With food prices marking an 8% high, consumption has halved. We want to tell the government that, instead of resorting to ‘weapons of mass distractions’, you might as well focus on reining in prices that impact the lives of every individual at a time of income erosion and increasing unemployment”.

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