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SecureKloud Tech aims at 200% growth in client addition through platform-based cloud solutions

SecureKloud Technologies Ltd., which recently announced its plans to launch a slew of platform-based cloud solutions, aims to garner a major chunk of the Indian public cloud market, which is expected to be worth $10.8 billion by 2025.

“SecureKloud is aiming at 200 per cent growth in client acquisition on a quarterly basis. The platform model will accelerate the cloud transformation in markets like India,” Anand Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer, SecureKloud Technologies, told BusinessLine

“Our conservative estimate is we will be able to garner a sizable chunk from the Indian market, which remains largely virgin for us, through a subscription or freemium based Go-to-Market strategy,” he added. 

A global IT businesses transformation company, SecureKloud guides large organisations on their cloud transformation journey. In addition to its existing service-based offering, the company recently announced its plans to launch four Platform as a Service (PaaS-based) cloud products that will cut down the cloud adoption costs by 80 per cent and save time by 70 per cent.

The new platforms, set to be launched in the next four months, include CloudEdge, DataEdge, Blockedge, and Neutral Zone.

Sectoral diversification

“ About 60 per cent of our business is from the healthcare sector. However, we are now planning to replicate this success in other sectors. Our platform, like Blockedge is ideal for insurance, banking, and government sectors. DataEdge platform and Neutral Zone-Data Collaboration platform will be a key value adder for the BFSI,” Kumar said. 

SecureKloud caters to more than 400 clients spread across the US, India, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Australia. Currently, more than 70 per cent of its clients are from the North American region. Through its platform-based cloud solutions, the company is planning to grow its market share in India. 

“Our focus has been the US and developed markets so far. Now, with the roll-out of platforms, we hope to make inroads in India and rest the world. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East region will be our focus too,” Kumar said.

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May 27, 2022

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