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Salman Khan Files Defamation Suit Against his Panvel Farmhouse Neighbour. Details Inside

Superstar Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against Ketan Kakkar, his neighbour at the Panvel Farmhouse. The Dabangg Khan has accused his neighbour Ketan of defaming Salman in the media. On January 14, Salman’s legal team demanded all the abusive content against him on social networking sites be removed or blocked.

Reports say that Ketan Kakkar is a resident of Malad, Mumbai, and owns land near Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel.

As per Salman’s advocate, his neighbour Ketan, in an interview with a YouTuber, defamed Salman Khan. Two other people, social media companies like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have been made parties in this case.

According to an India Today, Salman’s team has demanded an injunction against “directly or indirectly load/upload, post, repost, tweet, retweeting, interviewing, hosting, printing, publishing, broadcasting, any other or any other communication relating to defamatory material and/or derogatory comments must be prohibited.”

Meanwhile, Ketan’s advocates Abha Singh and Aditya Pratap have opposed the injunction and requested the court to give some time to present their side.

Ketan’s legal team said that they received the case documents just a day before the hearing and did not get time to look into the entire matter. Lawyer Abha Singh also said that if Salman can wait a month to file the suit, then Ketan Kakkar should be given some time to give his reply.

The court has granted time to Ketan’s lawyers and adjourned the matter till January 21.

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