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Rishab Shetty Says Rajinikanth’s Reaction To Kantara ‘Unexpected’, Was ‘Shivering’ When Kamal Haasan Called

Kantara actor Rishab Shetty opened up about the reactions he got from Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan after they watched the Kannada film. It is no secret that Rajinikanth not only praised the film on Twitter but also hosted him at his home. It was also later revealed that Kamal also thoroughly enjoyed the film. Now, speaking with Netflix India about the film, Rishab revealed the emotions he experienced when the legendary actors praised his film.

“Rajini sir is a mass-appealing superstar and on the other hand, Kamal sir, whom we call the God of performance (because of) the kind of content he has brought to the Indian cinema industry. So, I got the same kind of energy from both of them. They asked me what (work) had you done. I have a lot to do further,” he said.

Speaking about Rajinikanth, Rishab said that the actor made him feel comfortable when they met at his home. “I had a one-hour visit with Rajini sir and we discussed a lot about the scenes and Rajini sir appreciated my performance.”

About Kamal, the Kannada actor said, “Kamal sir called me immediately after watching the movie, and also, we had a legendary person here, Girish Karnad sir. He had a movie named Kaddu. That is also a wood forest. So, that is a very inspirational movie for Kamal sir. He created something else by getting inspired by it. He was telling me about that inspiration and that Kantara would also be an inspiration. For the first time, a superstar called me, I was vibrating and shivering a lot.”

Kantara has received praise from across industries. From Nawazuddin Siddiqui to Hrithik Roshan, several stars praised Rishab Shetty for the film and his performance. The film was also recently released on streaming platforms and got love from the audience.

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