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Pitru Paksha 2022: Know Who Can Perform Shradh

Pitru Paksha, the 16 days when Hindus pay homage to and remember their ancestors, started on September 11 and will continue until September 25. During this period, when we perform shradh, the ancestors bless the shraddhakar and his family with age, wealth, knowledge, children, heaven, salvation and all types of cosmic and transcendental happiness.

In Shradha Chandrika, it has been said that there is no greater welfare than shradh. So, people should perform shradh. But not everyone can perform the shradh of ancestors. The other question that many ask routinely is how many brahmins should be fed during shradh? Let’s take a look at the answers.

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According to the first officer of Shraddha, son Pandit Ramchandra Joshi, not everyone is entitled to perform shradh. According to Puranas like Garuda, Kurma, and Matsya, the first person, who can perform shradh of his father, is his son. If there is no son, in his absence, the wife can perform the shradh. If the wife is also not there, then his brother can perform the shradh. If no one is present, sapindas can perform the shradh.

Son-in-law and daughter can also perform shradh, but if there is no one, the ruler should perform his shradh with the money of the dead person because it is called the bandhav of all.

How many brahmans should be fed during shradh?

The number of brahmans that should be fed during the shradh is of great importance. Pandit Joshi says that according to scriptures, two brahmans are enough in the work of God and three in the work of ancestors.

According to the scriptures, it is not appropriate to increase the number of brahmans because it may increase the chances of disrespect, which can hinder the welfare of the shraddhakar. So, at least one and maximum of three brahmins should be invited.

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