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Petrol, diesel sales record strong growth in June, other fuels rise too

India’s fuel sales rise in June due to the onset of the cropping season, demand for summer travel, and an overall pick-up in economic activity. Diesel sales climbed more than 35% in June, while petrol sales also saw an increase of 29% on a year-on-year basis.

In the country, diesel which is the most-used fuel saw sales climbing to 7.38 million tonnes in June up by 35.2% yoy. The sales have reached over the pre-pandemic levels as it was 10.5% higher than sales in June 2019 and 33.3% above the sales in June 2020.

Diesel sales also jumped 11.5% compared to 6.7 million tonnes of consumption in May this year.

Industry sources told PTI that the pick up in diesel demand — which first rose above pre-pandemic levels in April — to higher consumption by the agriculture and transport sectors.

Meanwhile, petrol which controls around 90% of the market witnessed sales of 2.8 million tonnes in June up by 29% from the same month last year. Compared to the previous month, petrol sales soared by 3.1%.

Petrol sales in June this year were 36.7% higher than the consumption in June 2020 and 16.5% more than 2.4 million tonnes of sales in the pre-COVID June 2019.

According to sources, petrol consumption in June was aided by the low base effect of last year.

Fuel consumption picked up since May when annual summer vacations led to higher travel improving demand. Fuel prices are steady since May 21 when the government trimmed excise duty on petrol by 8 per litre and 6 per litre.

Furthermore, cooking gas consumption rose marginally by 0.23% to 2.26 million tonnes in June. LPG consumption jumped 27.9% from demand in June 2019 and 6% higher from 1.77 million tonnes of sales in June 2021.

Meanwhile, in June, aviation turbine fuel (ATF) sales more than doubled to 535,900 tonnes as the aviation sector opened up after two years. ATF consumption was 150.1% higher from June 2020 however it was 12.9% lower than the pre-COVID sales of 615,400 tonnes in June 2019. Compared to May this year, the sales rose 6%.

On Sunday, petrol and diesel price were kept unchanged for the 42nd consecutive day.

Currently, petrol is available at 96.72 a litre in Delhi, at 106.03 a litre in Kolkata, 111.35 a litre in Mumbai, and 102.65 a litre in Chennai. Per litre of diesel was priced at 89.62 in the national capital, at 92.76 in Kolkata, 97.28 in Mumbai and 94.25 in Chennai.

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