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Obesity Rate Increases in India, Know the Way to Prevent it

Obesity is one of the major health concerns that has been highlighted in the last few years in India. While India was more burdened with under-nutrition, NFHS 5 shows that India is not far behind in obesity. According to NFHS 5, the obesity rate in both adults and children has increased over the years. In the last five years, obesity has increased by 4 per cent in both men and women in India. While it was 2.1 per cent in NFHS 4, the obesity in children has grown to 3.4 per cent in NFHS 5. This has a rose concern in the nation as you might also be suffering from obesity.

Let’s take a look at some of the easy prevention tips which can help prevent obesity in both kids and adults.

To prevent obesity in children

Breastfeed exclusively for the first six months

In order to have proper physical and cognitive development, an infant should be breastfed exclusively for the first six months. They should not be given anything beyond mother’s milk, not even water for this period. Mother’s milk builds the immune system as well as fulfils their nutritional needs.

No market-based products for complementary feeding

When starting complementary feeding after six months, the kids should only be given home-cooked fresh food. Parents should avoid giving them biscuits, juices, colas and so on as they have high sugar and salt content which leads to obesity.

Encourage eating only when hungry

If you like to much all the time, your kid will adopt that habit from you. You should avoid overacting too and tell your kids to do that. Make them eat food only when they are hungry not when they want to munch something.

To prevent obesity in adults

Limit processed foods

Processed foods have unhealthy fats and are harmful to the health as they increase weight. They have high levels of salt and sugar which aid no nutrition and only taste.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are healthy, make you feel full, and even give your body a lot of nutrition. Having plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet prevents you from munching on unhealthy snacks.


This is highly important. Despite eating healthy, you might end up gaining weight if you are not doing any exercise. One has to indulge in some kind of physical activity in order to maintain a healthy weight.

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