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Neha Sharma Reveals Shining with the Sharmas Will Re-Release, Adds Season 2’s on the Cards Too | Exclusive

Actor Neha Sharma turns 35 today. And she is excited to celebrate the day as she believes that birthdays are truly a way to appreciate the self. In an exclusive chat with News18, she spills the beans on how she plans on spending the day in the company of her loved ones.

“The whole month of November is super special to me. When the birthday week comes in, it makes me even more excited. Birthday is the one time you get to celebrate yourself for everything that you’ve done. I like to take that time to enjoy, give myself some credit and have fun,” she says with a hearty laugh.

Neha is all set to let her hair down today but being an avid fitness enthusiast, she will also be keeping a tab on her calorie intake. So, how does she plans on doing so? “I don’t know if I’m the only but I like to order my own birthday cake. I usually don’t eat a lot of sugar since it’s completely off the charts. I’ve ordered myself a sugar-free and gluten-free cake. It is blueberry and lemon flavoured. It’s as amazing and healthy a cake can be. But let me tell you, I don’t put the age candle on the cake after I turn 30 so that I don’t have to count the years (laughs),” she remarks.

Talking about her plans for the rest of the day, she elaborates, “My sister (actor Aisha Sharma) is back from Chicago to Mumbai. My brother will be back this morning. It’s going to be an intimate and lovely dinner with friends and family later today, and that’s how I usually like celebrating my birthday.”

The Crook (2010) and Tum Bin 2 (2016) actor adds, “I’ll start my day by going to a temple just for the vibe and positivity. We don’t really get the time to say thank you every day, so I like to do it on my birthday. As for the rest of the day, I just want to chill.”

Quiz her about what would be that one thing she would pray for today and Neha states, “There’s only one wish I make every year and that’s to stay happy and kind because these are two of the most important things; everything else is a by-product. I pray to god to keep me healthy too. I’ve added that to my prayer post-Covid.”

This year has been an interesting one for Neha. She starred alongside Aisha in Shining With The Sharmas on SocialSwag, a Keeping Up The Kardashians-style unscripted series, which gave fans a sneak peek into their personal lives. Neha’s happy with the ‘fabulous response’ the show has garnered and tells us that they’re planning on releasing it on YouTube and that there might even be a season two.

She says, “What we’re trying to do now is release it on YouTube to give it greater access and for a lot more people to see. Season two should be on the cards after that. We’re trying to change the format a tad bit now that it’s coming on YouTube and we’re still talking about how we’re going to do it. But yes, season twos are very important (laughs).”

The actor, who will next be seen opposite actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Jogira Sara Ra Ra, believes that its non-fictional nature helped the audience connect with Shining With The Sharmas. She explains, “People loved seeing Aisha and me together. As Indians, we’ve close-knit families. We love them and live with them and this is something that’s very unlikely in the West. Children move out and live separately elsewhere but in India, we’ve companionship at home because we live with our families. You share, learn and grow up together.”

Neha further continues, “That kind of bond between the sisters was something that people may be related to or liked watching. Everybody was happy to see us chilling together. It didn’t feel fabricated or put on. That’s something we’ve heard from a lot of people.”​

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