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Monkeypox: Do we need Covid-like mass vaccination? Here’s what WHO said

Even as monkeypox cases are growing in numbers in several countries, World Health Organization (WHO) said that there is no need for mass vaccination or mass immunisation against the virus.

Experts have pointed out that monkeypox is not very transmissible. The virus spreads only through close contact, i.e. prolonged contact – often skin-to-skin with the infected person. And in such a scenario the virus can be contained through quick actions. “The priority is to contain monkeypox in non-endemic countries,” WHO official said. 

“We think if we put the right measures in place now we can contain it easily,” Sylvie Briand, WHO director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness said at a technical briefing to member states at the UN health agency’s annual assembly.

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