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MIB issues advisory for coverage of Russia Ukraine conflict, Delhi violence

The ministry of information and broadcasting has issued an advisory to private television news channels against making false claims and using scandalous headlines with respect to coverage of the Russia Ukraine conflict and the recent communal clashes in Delhi’s north west area of Jahangirpuri.

The ministry has called for adherence to the provisions of Section 20 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 including the Programme Code laid down under it, it said in a statement on Saturday.

“The ministry has found that in the recent past, several satellite TV channels have carried out coverage of events and incidents in a manner which appears to be unauthentic, misleading, sensational and using socially unacceptable language and remarks, offending good taste and decency, and obscene and defamatory and having communal overtones. The advisory has cited the Ukraine-Russian conflict and the incident in north-west Delhi in particular where TV news content and debates have been found in violation of Programme Code,” the statement said.

While in case of reportage on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the ministry has found channels using scandalous headlines unrelated to the news item and journalists making unsubstantiated and fabricated claims and using exaggerated language in order to incite audiences, the Delhi violence saw certain channels airing news items with provocative headlines and videos of violence that may incite communal hatred among different communities and disrupt peace and law and order, the statement said. Various channels have also come up with headlines that give communal colour to actions of authorities, it pointed out.

“The ministry has noted and also cautioned private TV channels against broadcasting debates having unparliamentary, provocative and socially unacceptable language, communal remarks and derogatory references which may have a negative psychological impact on viewers and may also incite communal disharmony and disturb peace at large,” the statement said.

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