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Mann ki Baat live: Online payments are developing a digital economy, says PM

PM Narendra Modi has began his address the 88th episode of his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. The telecast of the program started at 11 am. “Mann ki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month at 11 am.

Mann ki Baat: Live updates

It’s specified in our scriptures that water is basic necessity of every creature, it’s an important natural resource. In Valmiki Ramayan, water preservation was emphasised. During Harappan civilisation, there was advanced engineering for saving water

People should go for ‘Cashless Dayout’, now even in small villages & town people are using UPI. It’s benefitting both shopkeepers & customers. Online payments are developing a digital economy, everyday Rs.20,000 Cr online transactions are taking place

Now even in small towns and in most villages people are transacting through UPI itself. A culture is also being born in the country from Digital Economy.

It is no longer the case that the spread of UPI is limited to only big cities like Delhi.

Cashless Day Out.. An Interesting Resolution says PM Modi.”I would also urge you to try the experiment of Cashless Day Out, definitely do it.”

Today, in the changing times and due to the covid protocols, emphasis is being placed on adopting new methods in museums. The focus has also increased on Digitization in museums.

Many people are donating their old collections, even historical things, to museums.When you do this, in a way, you share a cultural capital with the whole of society.

The country has got a ‘Pradhan Mantri Sanghralay’, it has been opened for the people of the country. It’s a matter of pride that we are remembering the contribution of PMs, it’s connecting the youth of the country with them

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