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Malaika Arora Blushes As Karan Johar Talks About Her Sex Life, Asks If She Role Played As Nurse

Malaika Arora couldn’t help but blush when Karan Johar brought up her sex life in the latest episode of Moving in with Malaika. The duo was talking about relationships when Karan asked Malaika if she and Arjun Kapoor experimented in the bedroom. “So, do you like to shake it up with Arjun? Like experiment?” Karan asked, leaving Malaika blushing.

“You leave, just leave right now,” she tried to chase him away but it was of no help. “Are you into toys?” Karan continued, asking if she has tried handcuffs or even pretended to be a nurse. Malaika remained tight-lipped but her blush was unmissable. When Malaika refused to budge, Karan shared his own story of the time he tried to role-play as a cop but failed.

“I once tried role-play but that outfit didn’t fit me. It was that cop. I wanted to be Singham,” he said, leaving Malaika in splits. Besides asking about her sex life, Karan asked Malaika when is she getting married. While Karan tried to convince her that she should take the next step, Malaika trolled him by saying that he wants her to get married so that he could officiate the marriage.

Karan admitted his motive, adding that he was not happy when he was invited to weddings, especially Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s wedding. He pointed out that their romance took birth on the couch of his show Koffee With Karan but was feeling bad that he was not invited. Malaika assured him that he will not only be invited to the wedding, if and when it happens but will also be the one officiating the marriage. Karan already has a suit in mind that he will wear at her wedding.

While he asked if the groom would be Arjun, Malaika was silent for a moment before adding, “For me, he’s the one.”

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