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Makeup Tips to Instantly Make Your Hooded Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande have beautiful eyes. With their correct choice of makeup, they know how to add drama to their beauty game. If you have noticed, these celebs have hooded eyes, and they have made sure to make their eyes stand out with some clever make-up tips. It may make the eyes seem heavy and somewhat closed but it adds to the celeb’s appeal.

Prep the eyes
Always start with the eyes first for your makeup and make sure your face is squeaky clean. Now prep your eyes by applying primer on the lids and some concealer if you want the eyeshadow to stand out.

Identify Your Eyelid Crease Type
There are many kinds of eyelid creases like – single eyelid, small crease, parallel crease, tapered crease, and high crease. The understanding of the crease will help you apply the makeup correctly.

Lost and Found Zone
Apply makeup along the hidden part of the eyelid at the centre of the eyes- the lost zone to make your eyes look brighter. The found zone is usually the inner corners and the tails of the eyes that are visible. Apply makeup above the lash line to make the eyes look prominent.

Create base shape
Always start with a light colour to create a base and shape. Opt for neutral colours like brown. Start creating the base from the corner of the eyes and finish it with a small wing-like shape.



Apply eyeshadow on your base to the part that will be visible when the eyes are open. Avoid applying makeup on the hooded part of your eyes as that may give your eyes a swollen look. Keep blending more eyeshadow until you achieve the desired results.

Use the liner along the ‘lost and found’ zones and finish it off with eyeshadow to make sure the liner doesn’t smudge.

Eyelash curl and mascara false lashes
What makes the celeb’s eyes look more stunning is the beautiful artificial lashes that add depth to their eyes. Curl your eyelashes, put on the artificial ones and then apply ample mascara.

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