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‘Lazy’ people work from home: This billionaire thinks they should be paid less

British billionaire Alan Sugar has said that people who work from home are “lazy” and should be paid less. His tweets have generated considerable backlash on Twitter.

It all started when journalist Andrew Pierce tweeted about the government selling off Whitehall offices for £1.5 billion since people are working from home. The journalist wondered, “Why doesn’t the government order them back to their desks?”

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“Lazy gits watching golf and tennis at home while they supposed to be working. We the tax payer are paying the. Get them back to the office or fire them (sic),” replied Sugar.

“A large percentage of people who work from home are lazy gits they got to like the life created by the pandemic. What about nurses,doctors, cleaners, restaurant staff, builders and decorators, taxi and truck drivers they cant work from home but provide the lazy gits a service (sic),” Sugar said in an earlier tweet.

He called a user “ignorant” when the user wrote, “Lord Sugar doesn’t like people working from home while he works from home (well, his yacht). One rule for the poor and different rules for the rich.”

Previously, he also said that people should be paid less if they didn’t need to travel for work.

This time, Sugar’s comment again faced backlash on Twitter. “How would I complete my work to the deadline if I watched golf and tennis all day?” asked one user, “I have international clients and sometimes I call them outside of normal working hours. Should I go to the office at 2100 to make these calls?”

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Another user wrote, “It’s amazing how far behind you are with current times, considering you’re a billionaire. People who work from home are more productive, which you’d know if you remove your head out of your backside long enough to see.”

One user reminded everyone of the possibility of lower pay rates, thanks to the work-from-home culture. “A successful business man would realise that if he can pay someone to work from home, then that home could be in India and a pay a far lower wage,” he wrote.

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“If a job can be done on a computer over the internet it can be offshored. It’s been the case for years; it’s not something employers suddenly discovered when lockdown started,” wrote another user.

One user tweeted, “My wife works for Govt & has been doing 14 hour days almost every day since the WFH started. If an employee is genuine & conscientious you will find most employers are getting much more for their money! (sic)”

Is Work From Home effective?

Over the past few months, a number of studies have shown that working remotely from home increases productivity more than working in an office environment. As per a 2021 study by Owl Labs, 90% of those who worked from home during the epidemic reported that they were just as productive, or more, than in the office. In addition, 84% of respondents said that working from home would make them happier after the pandemic, with many even willing to accept a pay drop. During the pandemic, only 1% of employees who worked from home claimed to be less productive.

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