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Kriti Sanon: I Block Out Trolls Because I Can’t Keep Getting Affected by Strangers | Exclusive

Actor Kriti Sanon has been often hailed for her cool-meets-casual and chic sartorial sensibilities. But the Mimi (2021) star has also been trolled for her clothing choices, particularly for her body type. In fact, last month, she was skinny-shamed in a workout video she uploaded on her social media. But she remains unfazed.

In an exclusive chat with News18, she talks about not paying attention to the trolls anymore, and says, “We’re still stuck at the place where we’re trolled irrespective of the body type we have. But it’s something that you need to block out because you can’t keep getting affected by strangers passing comments on you. You’ve to be comfortable with yourself and feel good about yourself, and that will only come from within. I, sometimes, don’t even get to know if I’m being body shamed because I don’t pay any heed to it. As long as I know I’m looking good, that’s all that matters.”

Speaking of her sense of fashion, Sanon believes she has undergone a major transformation over the years. “My style has evolved a lot. As you grow, you become a better version of yourself and find yourself through various experiences you come across. I think the same applies to fashion. You find your sense of style slowly,” she states.

But she’s quick to add that she has gone through her share of fashion faux pas in the initial days of her career. “You make a lot of mistakes and wear things that you aren’t very proud of at a later stage in your life. You may look five years down the line and question yourself for the sartorial choices you had made. But that’s also when you realise that you’ve evolved for good. Style and fashion are an extension of your personality and ways to express yourself,” the 32-year-old elaborates.

A big fan of sneakers, Sanon, who recently announced the third edition of Skechers Mumbai Walkathon, feels that they can amp up one’s fashion quotient too. “The shoes are extremely vibrant and youthful and you can have them in your basic white and solid colours but there are many that make for a statement pair and can add to your sense of fashion. In fact, my stylist has to force me to wear stilettoes sometimes,” she ends. ​

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