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Intriguing Love Story Of Diganth Manchale And Aindrita Ray

Diganth Manchale made his acting debut with the 2006 Kannada movie Miss California, in addition to featuring in movies like Gaalipata, Pancharangi, Life Ishtene, and Parijatha. His wife and actress Aindrita Ray entered the showbiz world with Meravanige. The couple got married in December 2018 after dating for ten years. The romance between Diganth Manchale and Aindrita Ray is an intriguing one. This is how it all started.

After dating for ten years, Diganth Manchale got married to Aindrita Ray four years ago and started their happily ever after. Both on and off-screen, the crowd appreciates their friendship. Together, they have been a part of films like Yogaraj Bhat’s Manasaare and Prabhu Srinivas’ Parijatha. Diganth also emphasised the way in which his relationship with his partner improved with time. “Aindrita has given the relationship her all, although I’ve never been the romantic one,” said the actor. He also stated during an interview, “I’ve gradually come to love and treasure that affection.”

Their star-studded wedding was attended by several members of the South film industry.

Numerous factors bind the couple together. “Two of the first things that drew me to Diganth were his concern for animals and commitment to the environment,” said Aindrita. She added that his enthusiasm gave her commitment to rescuing stray animals more meaning and vigour after he became a vegetarian after learning about animal maltreatment. Another feature that sets this connection apart is the close bond that has developed between the two families. The actress added, “Diganth frequently jokes about marrying my father. He and my father get along well, and Diganth’s father insisted that we get married in Bengali. Most of the time, we all agree.”

Diganth Manchale is sometimes referred to as the “chocolate hero” of Kannada films.

Currently, he is in the hospital after he suffered a cervical spine injury, while he was holidaying in Goa with his wife. He is stable now and expected to discharge soon.

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