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Indian troops defending every inch of border with China: Ladakh LG

Indian troops are defending every inch of the border with China and not even a single inch of land has been taken over by the neighbouring country in recent years, Ladakh Lt Governor Brig (Retd) B D Mishra said on Thursday.

He said infrastructure development is taking place at a rapid pace across Ladakh with roads, helipads, airfields, tunnels and bridges being built, and India will catch up with China in that regard within next four-five years.

Brig Mishra (Retd) was in Jammu in connection with a three-day north-tech symposium which concluded at IIT Jammu on Wednesday.

The event provided a platform for engagement between the academia and industry to devise unique solutions to meet the army’s operational requirements in northern command, while promoting self-reliance in defence production and technology proliferation.

“If there is any match to them (China) in Asia, it is India. China is a nefarious country. So right from the very beginning, they have been having this policy to contain, to threaten and to coerce India. So they have been doing it for last two, three decades,” the LG told PTI-Video in an exclusive interview here.

Mishra said India started infrastructure development in the region about six seven years back.”But the way we are developing our infrastructure like roads, helipads, airfields, tunnels and bridges, during next four or five years we will catch up with China and we will be as good, if not better, on infrastructure on our borders as China,” the Lt Governor said.Asked about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s remarks last month that every individual in Ladakh knows that China has “taken away our land”, he said the fact on the ground is that the neighbouring country has not occupied even one square inch of Indian land in the recent years.

“I would not comment on what a particular person has said or what a particular person is saying. I would give you an answer based on my own tour, observation and on seeing the facts on the ground. The fact is they (Chinese) are not in occupation of even one square inch of land of India,” the Lt Governor said.

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