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In Marathi Show Mulgi Zali Ho’s Latest Poster, Kiran Mane Conspicuous by Absence

Actor Kiran Mane has been dropped from the Marathi TV Series, Mulgi Zali Ho, for some of his recent political commentary. His ouster triggered a lot of outrage on social media as many people expressed their views on the issue. Meanwhile, a new poster of the Mulgi Zali Ho series has been released by the channel. Needless to say, that actor Kiran Mane is missing from the new poster.

In Star Pravaha’s serial Mulgi Zali Ho, actor Kiran Mane was playing the important role of Vilas Patil, Sajiri’s father. The audience loved his energetic performance but his sudden removal from the series has left a bad taste for the show and the channel that airs it. Recently, a new poster of the series has been released wherein only Sajiri and Shaunak are seen but not Mane.

What did Kiran Mane say?

On Thursday, Kiran Mane reacted, for the first time, to the stories of his removal from the show. He said, “This is shocking to me too. While working, one can understand whether he is working on time, whether there are any complaints in the production house. Most of the time the makeup room doesn’t have a fan, the artists don’t even have a toilet. Many such difficulties have been endured. I have done my job perfectly. But, when I called, I found out that I was fired because I was playing a political role,” said Kiran Mane.

Apart from this, he also said, “After leaving the set of the series, I am an independent person, ‘Kiran Mane’ is different from what I have expressed on social media. Presenting political roles are my thoughts. That is my right. No one should restrict what I eat at home, what I say outside, what I wear. This is a democratic country, this is not Afghanistan or Pakistan.”

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