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How a 30-year-old Jaipur poet overcame a debt of Rs 50 lakh

In a remarkable journey of resilience and creativity, Anamika Joshi, a native of Kerala, has overcome the shackles of debt to become a renowned spoken word artist. Anamika’s story began in the small district of Alupura, Kerala, but her family’s quest for a better life led them to Jaipur after she completed her 12th grade. The driving force behind this move was her father’s overwhelming debt, which had spiraled out of control, subjecting him to constant harassment and threats from creditors. Little did Anamika know that her own life would soon take a similar turn.

Debt became a looming shadow over Anamika’s life, accumulating to a staggering Rs 50 lakh by the time she reached the age of 30. Nevertheless, she was determined to carve her path to financial freedom. Anamika’s journey into entrepreneurship began when she established her advertising agency after completing her education at the Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi. Her career in advertising kicked off with a six to seven-month stint at an advertising firm.

Remarkably, Anamika embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 24. In 2009, she and her husband Tarun joined forces to launch their advertising agency, a venture that thrived until 2015. Subsequently, they set their sights on a startup store called “Ootpatang,” specializing in crafting innovative signs, marks, and posters. This entrepreneurial spirit extended further as they ventured into creating merchandise for music and movie production houses, a concept that had gained immense popularity abroad. Collaborations with renowned artists like A.R. Rahman and Justin Bieber marked a significant milestone for their company. However, the tides of debt soon caught up with Anamika, mirroring the financial woes of her own childhood.

By the age of 30, the burden of a Rs 50 lakh debt weighed heavily on Anamika’s shoulders, causing immense stress. To navigate these turbulent waters, Anamika and her husband made the pivotal decision to adapt and survive. While Tarun secured a job, Anamika turned to freelancing to support their financial needs.

In 2019, a turning point arrived when a friend organized an event on Mother’s Day. Little did Anamika’s friend know that she possessed a hidden talent—poetry. Anamika, who had been a copywriter at an advertising agency, was invited to participate, and her poem dedicated to her mother received overwhelming acclaim. This event marked the inception of her poetic journey.

Through the power of words, Anamika discovered a way to transcend her financial struggles. Her Instagram page, “Batto Ki Bakwaas,” has become a testament to her remarkable writing skills. Today, Anamika is a renowned spoken word artist, and her unique art form has found a home in “Spoken Word Craft,” an evolved version of traditional poetry gatherings. This innovative platform allows her to share her creations with audiences worldwide, even in the absence of a physical stage.(Original source: Navbharat Times)

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