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Home Decor Tips: Do’s And Don’ts You Must Know

Decorating your home can be an exciting, but terrifying and daunting task at the same time. When it comes to all the things that you can do with space, the possibilities seem endless. Small spaces can be challenging to decorate, but they are full of potential. With the right strategies, you might be surprised at how much style you can fit into a small home. There are several mistakes that one must avoid to make their home appear strange, awkward, and small. Of course, no one wants their home to look like that. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for home decor that will help you make your residence look beautiful, grand, and luxurious.


Hang curtains wide and high on windows

Curtains not only increase privacy or block extra light, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the space. The right type of curtains can add character and glitz to a room’s interiors. But that isn’t all. It is also important to consider how you hang or drape them. Hang the curtains higher and wider than the window level to make your living space look luxurious and classy.

Connect with colour

A consistent colour scheme is often the simplest and most effective unifying thread. It doesn’t mean that all of your walls have to be the same colour, but when the physical distance between spaces is small, subtle and gradual colour changes work best. If you go with multiple wall colours, make sure the mouldings and trim are of the same colour.

Include multiple light sources

Multiple light sources are beneficial in rooms bigger than six feet squared (a 6×6 room). Begin your lighting design with an overhead fixture, ideally, one with multiple bulbs. Additional wall-mount and tabletop fixtures can be used to illuminate dark areas. Place lighting fixtures diagonally to cancel shadows and increase the overall brightness.

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Don’t overdress windows

In small rooms, simple window treatments are often preferable. Blinds or Roman shades provide a simple solution for privacy and light control during the day without being visually heavy. Go for simple drapery panels that can be used to soften the architecture of the room without crowding it.

Don’t choose a rug that does not fit the space

Rugs are frequently used in apartments to make them appear more aesthetic. However, when it comes to rugs, you must also consider the size and dimension. When you choose a small-sized rug to hide beneath all of your living room furniture, it gives the room a dwarfed appearance. The rule is to buy a rug that is proportionate and floats a few inches under the furniture.

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