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Here’s how you can download your LIC premium payment receipt online sitting at home, check the process here

The most effective method to download lic bond duplicate online. LIC costumer entry Registration. LIC bond paper is lost. LIC basic services. LIC basic services. Step by step instructions to Get bond online download. LIC policy copy duplicate download .If you have a policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India and you need to download its bond paper, then, this post is for you.

What is a Policy Bond?

A policy bond is a significant account outfitted by LIC while giving an insurance contract to a client. When the policyholder’s proposition is acknowledged by LIC, a valid policy bond is given that dominatingly contains the circumstances and honors made accessible to the policyholder. LIC covers the gamble solely after the policyholder has acknowledged the said proposal.

LIC Policy Bond

Whenever you purchase a policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India, you are given its security papers following a couple of days. In This Bond, you know the sari of the policy done by you. Like what is the name of the policy, what is the policy number. Where did you purchase the policy from. What is the maturity date of the policy. How much is the premium month to month, quarterly, quarterly or yearly.If you have bought a gift plan, how much cash you have paid. Your name, the name of the nominee, your city address.

The obligation of your LIC policy is vital for you. Since you get all the data about the policy. Presently the inquiry is whether your policy bond has been lost or failed to remember some place. If your policy isn’t restricting then what do you do now?

How to Get Duplicate LIC Policy Bond?

If you don’t have the obligation of your policy. So you follow the post till the last. Since we are telling you with specialty subtleties, how you can download copy duplicate of your LIC policy. Sitting at your home, from your mobile, computer or laptop. Knowing your policy sari is composed on this paper. So how about we go to how to download copy duplicate of LIC policy security.

Click on this link to download LIC Policy Bond duplicate: licindia.in

Step No. 1: To download LIC Policy Bond duplicate, first you really want to do LIC Portal Registration by selecting on New User.

Step No. 2: If you have enrolled before then login to LIC Portal by selecting on Registered User.

Step No. 3: After login to the LIC Portal, tab on Basic Services.

Step No. 4: Now tab on Policy Schedule.

Step No.5 : After doing that on the policy plan your saree policies are looking fine.

Step No. 6: Click on download before you need to download the bond paper duplicate of policy.

Step No.7: Now your bond duplicate has been downloaded. In this, every one of the subtleties of your policy are composed.

Step No. 8: Now you can print and keep it with you. Or on the other hand you can download and keep it in your mobile, PC or laptop.

How To Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online?

To download the LIC premium installment receipt online, you should be an enrolled client of LIC’s e-Services.

Step 1: Visit LIC Homepage and click on the link called LIC e-Services that is accessible on “Online Services”.

Step 2: Click on the tab “Enrolled User”. Since you are now an enlisted client.

Step 3: Submit the User ID and Password. If you fail to remember the User ID and Password, you can utilize the link accommodated something very similar and the screen looks like below.

Step 4: Now you will be coordinated to the Welcome screen of LIC e-Services Page and it looks like below.

Elements of LIC’s e-Services?

With the assistance of LIC’s e-Services, you can do the accompanying action quiet.

Check the policy plan.
Actually look at policy status.
Actually look at guarantee status
Advance status
You can create policy restoration citation
You can see the policy and proposition pictures.
Pay the premium online
Actually take a look at the Premium Calendar
Policy guarantee history
Change Password
Update Profile
Add or Enroll policies
Alongside that, you can likewise effectively download the LIC premium installment receipt online.

Step 5: Click on the two choices accessible as “Solidified Premium Paid Statement” or “Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement”.

Solidified Premium Paid Statement-With the assistance of this, you can download the exceptional paid assertion of every one of your policies.

Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement-By utilizing something very similar, you can download the singular policy premium paid articulation.

Step 6: At this progression, you need to pick the Financial Year and after Individual Policy Premium Paid Statement, select the policy number to download.

Step 7: At this progression, you can download the PDF form of the receipt or print something similar. You can involve equivalent to the confirmation of your LIC Policy Premium Paid Receipt.

This is the way you can undoubtedly download the LIC premium installment receipt online.

Is there any online policy to get LIC copy bond?

There is no internet based methodology for getting the copy bond duplicate of the arrangement, where the client of Life Insurance Corporation of India should move toward concerned help branch for issue of copy duplicate.

What amount of time does it require for a LIC policy Bond?

LIC will take at least 7 days to limit of 30 days time for getting ready LIC policy securities and if the policy taken is new, time for Bond will be more. As the program to print and accessibility of Blank bond contrast.

How to Surrender LIC policy without Bond?

A letter should be given to Life insurance contract beginning the loss of bond and a solicitation to be raised to get structure to present the lieu of copy contract bond, and furthermore, a measure of 100 Non-legal stamp paper which is to be authenticated with subtleties given by LIC ought to be submitted and get the contract sum with showing bond.

Is LIC a wise venture or protection?

The Life insurance contract of India offers the best protection contract and in the event that you’re searching for a drawn out venture, this is a best stage to be picked, So pick Unit Linked Investment Plan or, in all likelihood a later policy like Endowment Plan as founded on your gamble hunger and monetary capacity or reasons, to decide on the best protection plan or term plan for just having protection.


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