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He Tar Kahich Nay Promo: Actor Spruha Joshi’s Funny Story From Honeymoon in Kerala

Marathi comedy show He Tar Kahich Nay often hosts people from different fields who sometimes also share stories from their lives. Actor Spruha Joshi, who was recently on the show shared a story from her honeymoon, and a promo of the same episode has been shared on Zee Marathi’s Instagram handle.

In the promo video, Spruha is seen narrating the story from the time she was on her honeymoon in Kerala. As they got on the flight, she thought that she was on board the wrong plane. Because when she looked around, she saw many women wearing henna and red bangles, earrings, red Sindoor and shorts. This was quite similar to what Spruha was wearing. There was a special honeymoon tour package of a Marathi travel company.

A word spread on the flight that Spruha was on board. Hence, when they got down from the flight, there was a queue of people to click selfies with her. Spruha had to leave her husband in one corner and get the pictures clicked. She added that the story was not over yet. She said that Prabhu Deva was also in the same fight. She said that she knew him but the rest of the people didn’t notice him.

Spruha also said that the driver who was with them also saw all this. After a few days, the driver asked Spruha’s husband if “the Madam with you was a big personality in Mumbai?” Because he saw Prabhu Deva, but everyone surrounded Spruha instead of him. The actor further said that her husband was like he “does not have a choice now”, and everyone burst out laughing.

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