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Harry Styles Brutally Hit By Chocolate Pieces Thrown By Fan At Concert, Video Goes Viral

Last Updated: November 17, 2022, 15:48 IST

A fan throws chocolates at Harry Styles during his LA concert. A piece hits him in the eye. (Pic: Twitter)

Harry Styles was hit in the eye by a pack of chocolates during his LA concert earlier this week. While his team assured fans that he was okay, fans were upset with the behaviour.

Harry Styles was badly hit in the eye after pieces of chocolate were thrown at him during a concert. Videos of the former One Direction singer covering his eye and struggling to open it during his performance have gone viral. Several angry social media users condemned the act.

The Watermelon Sugar singer was hosting his concert in Los Angeles earlier this week. While fans were seen grooving to his performance, a packet of Skittle was thrown at him out of nowhere and it hit him in the eye. Harry immediately covered his eye but continued to perform. Several concert-goers noticed that Harry couldn’t open his eye after the hit.

After the concert ended, drummer Pauli Lovejoy from Harry’s squad informed fans via a live session that the singer’s eye was okay.

Fans took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment over the incident. “I genuinely can’t fathom how stupid, ignorant, and shitty you have to be to throw skittles at Harry Styles. LIKE WTF WAS YOUR GOAL? THE ONLY OUTCOME was that he was gonna get hurt, and he fucking did. I hope he’s okay and that there’s no terrible damage to his eye,” a fan tweeted.

“YALLLLLL. This goes without saying. DO NOT THROW STUFF AT PEOPLE Harry Styles took a forcefully thrown skittles to the freaking eye last night. Come on, use some common sense!!” another tweet read. “Watching Harry Styles get hit in the eye with a solid projectile and then keep preforming like a prop kinda hurt. I wanna give him a hug and a warm compress,” a third tweet read.

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