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Get Plump and Pink Lips in Summer With These DIY Scrubs

Nothing is more painful than dry, sandpaper lips. Sure, you can swipe on some lip balm and then be on your way, but as it wears off, you’re back to square one. When you apply lipstick, the uneven texture becomes much more visible.

That is when lip scrubs, which slough off dead skin cells to soften and moisturise your lips, come in handy. They’re also an excellent technique to prepare your lips for lipsticks, tints, and glosses. Did we mention they’re super simple and inexpensive to make?

Lip scrub with coffee

In this scorching heat of summer, if you can drink cold coffee in the afternoon, what else do you need? But did you know that, in addition to calming your thirst, coffee is also an excellent exfoliator? Caffeine in coffee grounds stimulates blood flow, which causes the colour of the lips to brighten. Make a paste out of coffee powder by combining it with sugar and coconut oil. Then apply it to your lips.

Brown sugar scrub

This is without a doubt the simplest method to remove dead skin. Because store-bought scrubs can be rough on your lips, it is sometimes wiser to stick to old-fashioned home cures. All you need to do is to prepare your brown sugar exfoliant, and combine it with organic honey and a few drops of essential oil. Wash it off with warm water after gently rubbing it on your lips in a circular movement. Don’t forget to apply lip balm afterwards.

Strawberry Scrub

Berries have a delicious aroma that makes you think of spring. Strawberries include Vitamin C, which can help smooth out the texture of your lips and protect them from the sun. As a result, this scrub will keep your lips lush and plumped. That’s exactly what we want! You’ll need olive oil, cane sugar, strawberries, and honey to make this lip scrub. Blend them all, and you’re done.

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