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Gautami Patil, Organisers Under Fire For Event Near Patna Hospital

Gautami Patil charges Rs 2-5 lakh for every event.

Recently, a fan asked Gautami Patil to marry her in the comment sections of one of her reels.

Lavani folk dancer Gautami Patil has become quite popular in Maharashtra. She enjoys a massive fan base. Many of her fans go to great lengths to catch a glimpse of their favourite dancer. She is called to perform at birthdays and other important functions in small villages in Maharashtra. From elders to children, everyone enjoys seeing her dance. People from village to village invite her to perform in their areas. However, the famous folk dancer has been in the middle of various controversies as well. Sometimes some people gather outside the venue protesting against her.

Recently, she was a part of another controversy. Her recent performance was organised near AIIMS Hospital and Research Centre in Aundh, Pune. Many people protested against the performance and even argued how the police could allow a loud event in proximity to a hospital.

Recently, one of her fans proposed to her in the comment section of a reel. In a clip posted by the folk dancer on the song Kasam Ki Kasam from the film Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, one of her fans commented that he loved Gautami immensely and would support her in every difficult situation. He also added that he was the life partner she had been waiting for and would never hurt her. “Please Reply Me”, the fan wrote.

Not too long ago, a Maharashtra State Transport Board employee requested two days off to watch one of her performances. The employee worked as a driver in Maharashtra’s Tasgaon Tehsil, Sangli district. He filed for leave on May 22 and 23, stating that the Lavani dancer would be performing in his village.

She has been severely criticised for making obscene gestures on stage. According to reports, the folk dancer charges Rs 2–Rs 5 lakh for an event.

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