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From Avoiding Hot Water To Applying Serum; A Guide To Keep Your Hair Healthy

As the festivities are over, it is quite possible that you might have neglected your hair and not given it proper nourishment. To maintain your hair, it is essential to have a good hair care routine that keeps the hair nourished, healthy, strong, smooth, free of infection, non-greasy and frizz-free. You must set your routine according to the requirement of your hair texture and scalp type. Creating a hair care routine may be easy but following it diligently will ensure best results. Here’s how you can maintain your hair-

Protection from dust

Whenever you step out, make it a point to protect your hair by tying it up. The more it will be exposed to dust and wind, the drier it will become. To avoid the dust settling on your scalp and clogging the follicles, tuck your hair under a hat or a head scarf.

Hair Wash

You do not need to wash your hair daily. Depending on your hair type, you need to make sure that you wash your hair when it’s dirty, or else, everyday washing may strip off your hair of its natural oil. Fine and straight hair needs to be washed often. Dry hair should be washed every third day. For an oily scalp, opt for alternate days of washing. Just monitor your hair and wash it if you feel product build-up, or if your hair gets greasy.

Hot water for hair wash- a big No

No matter what, make sure you never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water strips your hair of oils that act as a natural conditioner. Instead of hot water, use lukewarm water to prevent losing lustre and dullness of hair.

Natural products

Instead of choosing harsh chemicals, use homemade remedies to resolve the issues. Use warm olive oil or coconut oil to moisturize your dry hair. To bring back the lost shine, rinse your hair with brewed tea that corresponds to your natural hair colour. For deep moisturization, mix equal parts of honey with shampoo and wash your hair to strengthen hair follicles.


Make sure you add an extra layer of nourishment by applying serum to your hair. You can apply it to your damp hair. You should be using hair serum before styling your hair with a heating tool. Before hitting the bed, take a few drops of the serum and scrunch your hair for even application.

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