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FAU-G Domination Creator Advises Players to Keep Low Expectations

Players should keep expectations low when approaching the upcoming game FAU-G Domination, according to nCore Games co-founder Vishal Gondal.

The sequel to 2021’s FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards is developed this time around with dot9games, with a new engine, multiplayer, and further improvements according to the developers.

Despite this, Gondal emphasised not to compare their efforts to well-funded international gaming IPs.

At the Penta Podcast, Gonda addressed the expectations players have regarding games. When FAU-G was first unveiled, some online users expressed disappointment over the absence of FPS elements and firearms.

However, when FAU-G Domination, a game with gunplay was introduced, it faced criticism for perceived similarities with other games like Call of Duty and CS:GO. Gondal pointed out that this is simply a genre, emphasising that even Call of Duty was inspired by Quake, which in turn drew inspiration from Wolfenstein 3D.

“This is a game we are building for ourselves. FAU-G Domination is truly going to be a landmark game in the history of Indian gaming,” Gondal asserted.

As per Gondal, one of FAU-G’s key distinctions is its celebration of Indian soldiers, a theme not featured in games like CS:GO or BGMI. The game’s unique selling point lies in its ability to emotionally connect with Indian players through relatable characters.

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