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Esports CEO Receives Backlash For Partying With Andrew Tate

Recently, the G2 Esports CEO received major backlash, just for associating with the Tate Brothers. Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate were seen in a video posted by Carlos Rodriguez, with the caption, ‘yesterday we celebrated G2 world championship’. Andrew Tate is kickboxing world champion and recently blew up on all social media platforms thanks to his radical remarks. Lately, he was banned across all platforms due to his alleged misogynist and sexist remarks.

Carlos received a lot of backlash for the video seen above and the comment section went ham on him. The people for not at all happy about his affiliation with the Tate brothers and were calling out Carlos for platforming these guys. Carlos on the other hand didn’t take these remarks too well and posted a tweet stating that nobody will ever be able to police his friendships, and he draws his line here. He also stated that he can party with whoever the f**k he wants.

Fans did not take this well at all and started associating the Tate brothers with the G2 Esports team. Carlos eventually had to release a statement, apologising for his out burst and the confusion it created for the fans of the esports team. He stated that he stands for absolute equality of opportunity. Moreover, he added that his life has been full of learnings from the situations he has faced. He accepted that he failed to read the room correctly, and takes for blame of the consequences.

After this incident took place, the G2 esports team also released an apology statement to the fans and stated that the statements made by the CEO were in stark contrast to the values and culture of the esports team. They also mentioned that Carlos will be taking eight weeks of leave from being CEO, without pay. Carlos retweeted this statement stating G2 is above Carlos, and he will do anything for the company and his colleagues.

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