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Egypt has approved India as a wheat supplier: Goyal


Egypt, one of the top importers of wheat from Russia and Ukraine has approved India as a wheat importer, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal said on Friday. This comes amid a sharp dip in global wheat production largely owing to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russia-Ukraine contributed nearly one-third of global wheat exports and Indian exporters are currently receiving queries from several net wheat importers countries such as Bosnia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Iran.

“Egypt approves India as a wheat supplier. The Modi government steps in as the world looks for reliable alternate sources for a steady food supply. Our farmers have ensured our granaries overflow and we are ready to serve the world,” Goyal said in a social media post.

Mint had earlier reported that Egypt along with countries such as Israel, Oman, Nigeria and South Africa have approached India to secure wheat supplies, as the Russia-Ukraine conflict could disrupt food supplies.

India is looking at exporting nearly 10 million tonnes of wheat in FY23 to bridge the supply gaps arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. India exported nearly 7 million tonnes of wheat in 2021-22, which was nearly triple the 2.15 million tonnes exported in 2020-21.

Earlier in an interview with Mint, Goyal had also said that India is willing and ready to support any nation facing a scarcity of foodgrain and unavailability of adequate goods and services of any nature.

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