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Covid-19 still a concern for Indian consumers, says survey 

NEW DELHI: The coronavirus pandemic remains a cause of worry among households in India and China, according to findings of Ipsos Essentials Survey 2022 conducted in 16 markets.

Those surveyed in other countries also reported concerns over inflation and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

“The world is grappling with a three-headed monster, with somewhat differing magnitude by region. For Indians and Chinese, covid-19 is still the biggest monster; for most of the other parts of the world, inflation is the biggest monster; conflict in Ukraine emerged as the biggest monster for Germany and Italy,” Ipsos said as part of its survey findings.

Ipsos Essentials is a monthly survey conducted among consumers in 16 markets. Ipsos surveys 1,000 consumers per country on their behaviors, emotions, expectations, and financial impact etc. The survey is conducted in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

The survey monitors how people across the globe navigate the new rules of engagement and the resulting impact on consumers’ state of mind, state of wallet and future intentions.

With inflation impacting people around the world, 84% of urban Indians polled said they were concerned about their ability to pay bills. Markets most concerned were of Brazil (89%), Italy (84%), South Africa (80%), Mexico(81%) and Russia (78%). Markets least concerned were of South Korea (53%), China (55%) and Japan (47%).

India has been witnessing a surge in fuel prices which has been hurting household spends. The government recently announced excise duty cuts on both petrol and diesel to ease inflation-related woes.

In India, the pandemic, loss of jobs and now inflationary pressures have impacted peoples’ lives and their daily choices, said Krishnendu Dutta, Group Service Line Leader, Innovation, MSU & Strategy3, Ipsos India. “While a lot of our clients are also facing input cost pressures, pricing decisions will need to be taken carefully being sensitive to consumer realities.”

Meanwhile, the survey pointed to a bounce back in those eating indoors in restaurants, about 52% globally, among the 16 markets polled in April, and 44% of those polled globally claimed to be participating in travel activities.

While the covid restrictions are easing in most countries, consumers have continued to take measures to stay protected.

Globally, 59% said they washed their hands regularly, 51% said they wear a mask outside their homes, 38% claimed maintaining physical distance, 28% said they clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces, 24% avoided touching commonly touched surfaces, 19% avoided people outside their household and 17% avoided touching their face.

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