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Chris Hemsworth Shares the Key to Getting Ripped in a 10-minute Workout Video

From Thor where the Australian actor played a superhero to transforming into a dreadful mercenary for Extraction, Chris Hemsworth has always left the audience spellbound with his buffed up yet ripped physique.

The actor puts in a lot of hard work and dedication for preparing for his roles and it is definitely not easy to pack on huge muscles. The 6-foot-3 star had also once revealed that he eats around six to eight meals a day to appear massive on-screen and to fit in the superhero profile.

Apart from the diet, Chris also goes through strenuous workouts which helps him gain more and more muscles along with incredible strength. Recently, Chris has treated his fans with a 10-minute video of him performing bodyweight exercises. In the caption, Chris detailed that it is a low impact bodyweight workout that gets challenging in the second round. “So strap in and get ready,” he wrote.

Alongside the video where Chris’s trainer Luke Zocchi can be seen guiding him through the workout, Chris also listed down the five exercises in order with their duration and rest period.

The duo begins with getting in the plank position and starting off with some mountain climbers. They perform the abs-toning exercise for 40 seconds before taking a 20-seconds break. Next, Chris switches to bodyweight squats and pulls of impressive repetitions while Zocchi taught him the correct posture. After doing the squats for 40 seconds he then switches to plank shoulder taps following a break. The duo playfully burn out some intense calories before shifting to the next exercise which was reverse lunges. Chris then finishes the first cycle of the training plan by doing bicycle sit-ups for 40 seconds before starting over from the first exercise for the second cycle.

Below is the list of exercises by Chris Hemsworth performing which can bring you a step closer to achieving a physique like him.

  • Mountain climber switch x 40 sec.
  • Squats
  • Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Bicycle sit ups
  • Repeat all the five exercises in the same order again and do not forget to take 20 seconds of rest between each one of them.

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