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BTS’ Jin To Enlist For Military Training As Early As End of This Year? Here’s What We Know

BTS member Jin could be enlisting for the military as early as this year, a new report has suggested. The singer will be the first BTS member to be beginning his military training. He and BigHit Music had confirmed the plans for military plans a few weeks ago.

According to the South Korean publication Yonhap, Jin has already submitted an application to the Military Manpower Administration (MMA) to cancel his request to delay his military enlistment. The report also mentioned that Jin could enlist as early as this year-end. The Astronaut singer would turn 30 (international age) this December.


If he does get enlisted this year, Jin — like every able-bodied man in South Korea — will have to serve in the military for two years. This would mean Jin would be discharged from his military duties in late 2024.

Last month, speaking during a Weverse Live session, Jin revealed that he was going to fill out the forms for his mandatory service once he returned to South Korea following the Argentina performance with Coldplay. He also revealed that he was going to enlist after the BE album released but plans changed after the success of Dynamite.

“Originally, the members and I had discussed plans for me to enlist soon after the ‘BE’ album. However, that summer, along with the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, our song ‘Dynamite’ ranked #1 on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’. Because of its unexpected success, I couldn’t just go off to the military right then. We were still in the middle of a pandemic, and to return the love that the fans showed us, we decided to work on ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’. These two songs also saw great results, and so it just didn’t feel right for me to put everything down and leave the members and fans,” he said.

He then deferred his plans to enlist to post Permission To Dance last year but then the Grammys’ performance knocked on their door and he stayed back. Jin then revealed that he was supposed to enlist around May or June of this year and his company had given him the ‘OK’. However, his plans were disrupted because there was BTS’ Busan concert and the members thought that this might be their one last chance for them to perform a concert together in Korea.

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