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Brooklyn subway shooting: The moment when the attack happened. Watch here


At least 13 people were injured when multiple people were shot at in New York’s Brooklyn subway station on Tuesday. ‘Several undetonated devices’ were also recovered, news agency AFP reported.

A video of the attack in Brooklyn subway emerged on social media, where several people are seen running out of a metro coach. The bogie is filled with smoke, as is evident in the video. A New York police spokeswoman responded to 911 call of a person shot in the Brooklyn subway at 8:27 am (1227 GMT).

New York Police Department (NYPD) is still looking for the suspect who, as per local media, ran out wearing a gas mask. 

Watch the video here

People are seen running out of the coach , and some can be seen looking back in terror. One video emerged where someone wrote on the video, “Someone just got shot on my train and they lit a fire on th n line”.

RT News tweeted the commuters rushed out of the coach “with (the) gasmask-wearing gunman”.

Local media reports said the suspect likely used a smoke bomb to distract the commuters before shooting them, which appear to be the case as seen in this video. According to NBC, citing NYPD officials and senior law enforcement officials, a man in a gas mask and orange construction vest may have tossed a smoke canister on the platform to distract the rush hour crowd.

The entire coach gets empty as panic-stricken people run out. Once they are on the platform, a few of them are seen falling on floor. Then there is blood everywhere. The smoke from the coach drift out to the entire platform.

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