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Boss fires employee for being 20 min late to office in 7 years

A man was allegedly fired by his employer for being late to work by 20 minutes. According to a Reddit post, the man had been working in the company for over seven years and it was for the first time that he was late to work. The incident was shared by one of his colleagues on Reddit with the caption: “Co-worker who has never been late in 7+ years, gets fired for the first time being late…”.

In the post, the user shared that the employee who was fired was late for the first time. He also posted that as a mark of protest, all the employees of the company have decided to come late to office until the person is rehired by the company.

“Tomorrow, me and all my co-workers will be late and will continue to come in late until they rehire him,” the post read.


The post has generated more than 4.1k comments with several people sharing their stories of coming late to work.

“I was two minutes late to an opening shift on New Year’s Day. Manager had a look on his face, tapped his watch and said that I needed to work on my timeliness,” a user said.

Another said, “In my last job, I was late one time in 6 years. It was a massive snowstorm. I left for work at 5:00 and was at my desk at 9:05. I didn’t get fired, but I got a stern talking to that day and the manager actually wrote it into my annual review. That being on time was a performance goal for the next year.”

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