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Bigg Boss 16: Contestants Seem Divided On Gautam’s Captaincy Powers, GF Soundarya Fights For Him

Salman Khan’s reality TV show Bigg Boss 16 is getting exciting with each passing day. During this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan gave Gautam the option to take over the captaincy, only if he leaves the one ration from the house. Gautam Vig took over the captaincy by giving away housemates’ one-week ration leaving each one of them furious. While the entire house is bashing him left right and centre for his decision, now ahead of the nominations, it seems the BB contestants are trying to take revenge by depriving him of his powers.

In a new video posted on Colors TV’s official Twitter handle, Bigg Boss commands for the nominations but before that he asks the contestants of the house to decide if they would want Gautam to be given ‘special adhikaar’ (special powers). At the same time, Soundarya stood by her BF and asked everyone to let Gautam have his powers. This also made Soundarya get into a fight with Shiv. At last, Bigg Boss asks Ankit Gupta to decide over the housemates’ decision. It will be interesting to see what the housemates decision will be.

Check the video here:


In a different promo released earlier in the day, Shalin Bhanot is seen demanding his protein, which becomes a joke in the house, while Abdu started this joke, but Shalin wasn’t happy with how Priyanka joined in and mocked him. The actor starts a fight with her and later turns extremely aggressive and this leaves his fans shocked and how. Shalin turns nasty and stoops very low in his fight with Priyanka. Priyanka is seen arguing with Shalin Bhanot and then Ankit comes into the picture and asks Priyanka to end the topic and not be repetitive. This doesn’t go down well with Priyanka, who gets angry and upset with Ankit as instead of siding her, he asks her let go. She cries hard and says she supports Ankit and wants him to play the game, but he never supports her. Ankit asks her to not support him.

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