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Bhagyashree Shares Secret to Get a Moisturised, Youthful Skin

We all want is healthy and glowing skin. However, it cannot be achieved overnight. Consistent efforts and a proper skincare routine have to be followed in order to get supple and healthy skin. Bhagyashree believes that good skin is a result of how you treat it every day. The actor often takes to her Instagram to share some traditional and age-old beauty tips. As part of her Tuesday Tip series, Bhagyashree recently shared a few moisturising hacks that will help your skin look ‘youthful’. In the video, she mentioned that while people are aware of the importance of moisturiser, they tend to overlook the way to use it.

Watch the video:

Alongside a video, which featured the actor giving a demo of how to moisturise their face, Bhagyashree wrote, “Sometimes, simplest things are taken for granted”. As she opined that expensive creams cannot guarantee good skin unless it is nourished from the inside. “Also, you have to make sure they are applied properly to reap their benefits,” she adds. Though we might be moisturising every day, it is an effort wasted if we don’t do it properly.

Check out Bhagyashree’s tips to moisturise your skin the right way:

Step 1: Apply the moisturiser cream on the face, and not on the palms.

Step 2: Now, massage it on your face with upward strokes, using light hands. She advised not to rub coarsely; especially important for ageing skin.

Step 3: Apply a moisturiser a couple of times, during the day.

Step 4: Skin under the eyes gets tired, hence one should make sure to use an eye cream with some retinol. Just dab it below the eyes.

Step 5: The actor shared why people moisturise their face, many a times they forget their neck. “Use upward strokes to massage it lightly,” she said.

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