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BGMI: Reports Claim That the Government May Temporarily Unban the Battle Royale Game if Krafton India Adds Limits on Playtime

It’s been a while since Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India was banned by the government over national security concerns.

Since then, several rumors and reports have emerged about the game’s potential return. Even the developers have shared updates about working with the Indian government to unban the hit mobile Battle Royale title. However, it seemed that no substantial progress was made on removing the suspension surrounding BGMI.

BGMI may make a comeback soon

The situation has become quite dire due to the lack of updates from the government or the developer. This has led many players to abandon BGMI and turn to other mobile Battle Royale titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and New State Mobile. However, just as it seemed like all hope was lost, a new report has revealed that the game may finally make a comeback, albeit with some restrictions.

Battlegrounds Mobile India may soon return for a limited amount of time

According to News18, sources revealed that the government has planned to unban the game for three months. The removal of the suspension comes after Krafton India agreed on making significant changes to the game prior to its return.

Restrictions that we may see as BGMI returns

Some of the restrictions for BGMI are quite strict. The list of these limits include:

  1. Addition of a playing hours restriction, so players won’t be able to spend a ton of time on it. The report stated that players won’t be able to play the game 24×7.
  2. Government officials have also asked the developers to change the color of the blood from red to other alternatives. Prior to its banning, BGMI had the option to change the blood color to green and blue, and this might soon be the norm.
  3. Internal changes to the game and BGMI servers to tackle any harmful incidents because of the game. This aims at tackling the addiction among young adults caused by the game and any unfortunate cases of suicide or murder.

As of now, there are no details available regarding the timeline for the game’s return. However, it is likely that fans will be delighted to hear that BGMI may not be gone forever.

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