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Bengal news: Giant fish sold for ₹13 lakh – check why

A group of fishermen in East Midnapore, West Bengal, caught a massive “Telia Bhola” fish near Digha that weighed about 55 kg. A lLocal South 24 Parganas resident transported the fish to Digha for auction. The fish was sold for 26,000 per kg after three hours of bidding, bringing in a total of 13 lakh.

After a long three-hour bargaining and counter-bargaining, a company bought the huge Telia Bhola fish. The characteristic of Telia Bhola fish is that it contains a lot of maw, from which drugs are made. This fish maw can also be sold abroad, according to reports.

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Making medicines that save lives requires the utilisation of this fish maw. Therefore, a foreign corporation paid a big sum to purchase this enormous fish. The fish was a female carrying eggs. Therefore, there wasn’t much fish maw present. Six days ago, a male Telia Bhola was sold for Rs. 9 lakh.

On June 27, people gathered in numbers to see the giant fish in Digha. The total weight of the fish is 55 kg. And for that reason, except for 5 kg of eggs, the total weight of the fish is 50 kg.

According to local fishermen, the fish is a hybrid of Telia Bhola. Apart from males and females, both sexes are also prone to this species. The local name of Telia of both sexes is Khacchar Bhola. The one who has maw in his stomach is the most valuable one.

This type of giant Telia Bhola fish comes twice or thrice in a year. And the fisherman who catches this fish becomes wealthy with just one catch.

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